Monday, 7 July 2014


Hiya All,

I just want to sat to ya all, that I'm taking a break from blogging.
I'm on a holiday break. I'll be back in August. It'll do me good. 

Hope you're going to miss as much as I will miss your posts. Wish ya all a great summer and I'll chat to you soon xxxxxx


Thursday, 3 July 2014

Home made face scrubs perfect for the summer


Recipes that will surprise you!

Sweat and dirt can wreak our skin. When it is hot and humid, the effect is magnified. Regular exfoliation during this period is important for maintaining beautiful and soft skin. 

Now girlie's, we can maintain a beautiful skin at home using fruit acids. It will help to remove dead skin cells. Here are some great recipes. 

1. Facial scrub with apricot and papaya.

Mix half a cup of mashed ripe papaya with half a glass of apricot puree. Add a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of powdered orange peel. 

Leave the mixture on for 15 minutes, then massage your face for a few minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water.

10 dodomowych scrubów do twarzy idealnych na lato!

2. Facial scrub with tomatoes and almonds. 

If you have oily skin this scrub it for you. Mix half a cup of tomato pulp and one teaspoon of freshly crushed almonds. Gently massage the scrub, and then let it sit for 20 minutes.

I love tomatoes, but I never thought that you can use them for the face scrub. Shocker!

10 dodomowych scrubów do twarzy idealnych na lato!

3. Scrub with milk and rice.

If you prefer to eat fresh fruits instead of making face masks, then try the traditional Asian method for purifying scrub. Rice mix with powdered milk. Add water and make a thick paste. Massage your face very gently and wash it off with cold water after 5-10 minutes.

10 dodomowych scrubów do twarzy idealnych na lato!

4. Banana and oatmeal.

Ripe bananas and oatmeal are the best friends :-) Half a cup of mashed banana, mix with 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of oatmeal. Massage your face for a few minutes, rinse off with cold water.

5. Mango and almonds.

Mix half a cup of mango puree, 2 tablespoons freshly crushed almonds with a teaspoon of sweet almond oil. This blend is an excellent scrub for regenerating the skin.

6. Honey, milk and oatmeal.

One of the best facial scrubs for 
summer combines the purifying power of raw milk from the special properties of honey. Mix one tablespoon of honey and powdered milk with oatmeal. Massage it into the skin, leave to dry for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water scrub and apply moisturiser.

7. Watermelon and flour.

Squeeze the juice from a glass of watermelon. Mix with a little flour and wash your face for 4 minutes. Then rinse with cold water. You will be impressed with the results!

10 dodomowych scrubów do twarzy idealnych na lato!

8. Facial scrub with strawberry and brown sugar.

Rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, strawberries can help your skin to regain full vitality. You'll need at least 5 medium strawberries. Mash them and mix with 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and a teaspoon of sweet almond oil.

9. Pineapple and coconut oil for a beautiful complexion.

The enzymes in pineapple help remove dead skin cells. In comparison with coconut oil have a soothing effect on the skin. Use a teaspoon of coconut oil and a hot cup of pureed pineapple and leave for 15 minutes.

10. Kiwi fruit and brown sugar.

Tropical fruits are rich in antioxidants, kiwi is therefore an excellent base to create a peeling face for the summer. The flesh of a large kiwi mix with two tablespoons of brown sugar and a teaspoon of almond oil. 

Let me know if you have any home made face masks that you use. 

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Have a great weekend

Monday, 30 June 2014

How to apply fake tan

Do you want to get a quick tan without leaving your home and harming your skin? Many women have given up already with the use of a sun beds, a large dose of UV radiation damages the collagen fibbers by which accelerates the ageing process of the skin.
Cosmetic Laboratories are constantly working to improve home tanning methods. Latest products are not allergenic, almost like a perfume smell and the right colour can be selected for each type of skin.

In order to avoid awful stains on your body, make sure to follow below steps:

1. Remove unnecessary hair- best if you do it the day before
2. Body scrub is handy too. It will help to get rid of the dry skin.
3. Moisturise your skin - before and after applying self-tanner. Your tan will look more natural and you will avoid dry patches
1. First of all begin with your hands. Make sure to moisturise them. Then put a body lotion, and do not forget about your cuticles! Use a cream as well- it will help you to avoid orange cuticles;-)
2. Make sure to apply the same amount on each part of your body. If you use in a self-tanner in  spray, spray it directly onto your body. If you use a cream, make sure to start with your hands. 
3. Start with your legs if you are using self-tanner in spray
4. Never ever forget about your arms- especially the inside part. If you are not able to apply self-tanner on your back ask somebody! There's no point trying to do it by yourself;-)
5. Once you are done make sure to clean your hands. Use a brush for your nails and cuticles. Then apply quite a lot of a hand cream.

If you are planning on using a self tanners here are some that apparently do not leave the stains and give you a natural look

Did you use any of them? Let me know if they are good.


Thursday, 26 June 2014

Autumn/ Winter Make up trends

'Be yourself' was an underlying theme for the New York Fashion Week F / W 2014 nd underpins the freedom and identity feeling of just being in urban New York.

Here are the main looks.

Vintage Eye-Cons

And suddenly there was Birgitte Bardo 2.0 back on track. A modern twist on the look Birgitte Bardot made ​​so famous in the 60's. The eyes are framed with lightweight, long lashes at the top, while  the lower lashes are more pronounced.  Fresh-colored cheeks match the bright and light glossy lips in the nude. 
At Marc Jacobs eyebrows were bleached and then colored in the same shade as the wigs for a term which takes us right back to the 60's.

Rock It!

This is the kind of eye makeup you should wear with confidence and a good dose of rock and roll attitude. The key with this look is that it looks a bit random, a bit like when you wake up after a good party and makeup is smeared slightly outward in a flattering way. The main focus is the eyes that are dark and mysterious, with thin lines above the eye and more shade, color and effect under the eye. The skin is kept fresh with only light contouring and lips are nude or light pink colored.

Blurred (Lip)Lines

Smokey eye most people have heard about and if there was something similar for your lips so it must be this look. As tinted eyes lips in slightly different shades dusted onto the lip edge, they are soft and textured. The eyes are highlighted with mascara and light shimmer on the eyelids, and cheeks are blushing a light colour.

Different Strokes

It was something different and exotic about how eye shadows and liner were streaked over the eyelids this season. From thick, marked stripes on an Noten Dries to the fine and thin lines at Mara Hoffman, Zac Posen and Anthony Vaccarello. The key is to balance these lines with the shape of your face, so it is not overwhelming, but futuristing and exciting twist on the makeup look with exotic references.

Arch Madness

This fall / winter season really put weight on, more than ever before, how eyebrows alone convey emotion, attitude and expression. For instance, one by changing the shape, thickness or length convey a more specific or more sexy look.

Sculptural Beauty

Forget to apply foundation with the aim of having a steady tone all over your face. Now different shades mixed and placed strategically on the face, along with highlighter to create a perfectly sculpted face. This is a softer version of the sculpture no one saw in the 90s, using a much more neutral color palette and strategic use of highlighter.

Eye've Got The Blues

Blue usually associated with summer, but for the fall / winter 2014 models wore surprisingly dark and intense shades of blue. Sometimes the color metallic, other times more matte, whatever brings this color positive energy and a little extra light to dark winter days.

Do you have any fav one? To be honest I don't like only one trend: Eye've Got The Blues. The rest are beautiful and so, so sexy:-)

Lots of love


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Nail Trends: Rad Nails Introduces Cuticle Tattoos

Do you feel limited by the small surface area of your ten tiny canvasses? Think outside the nail! Rad Nails, a nail art brand that has become well known for their Limited Edition Ryan Gosling Nail Wraps, came up with the unconventional idea to create cuticle tattoos. 

Right now, they had four patterns in their new BEYOND Nail Tattoos line -- moons "Another Round," rockin' triangles "Your Point?," a pointed pattern "In a Pinch," and paint splatters "Double Drips." The innovative accessory can be used on the cuticle or directly on the nail, but our favorite is a mixed-up combination of the two.

Did you hear about them? They are so cool. Would you try them?



Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Summer outfit

Hey Girls,

Today I have for you an outfit that I wore today. Unfortunately I do not have my "photographer" with me :-( 

I wore ZARA trousers , sandals and necklace, ALDO bag, PRADA sunglasses and grey top from the local shop:-) 
The weather is quite nice, so I can wear my summer clothes.

Hope you like it. Have a great week xxx


Saturday, 14 June 2014

Spring/Summer 2014: Find Your Perfect Ponytail

THE classic ponytail never goes out of style - it's the way that you wear it that keeps it modern, fresh and in keeping with your wardrobe choices. A firm favourite on the spring/summer 2014 catwalks, the pony appeared in the form of slouchy, super-cool styles. I always adored ponytail, but to be perfectly honest I've never been able to create any good one. 
Any way let's get the closer look what's in fashion :-)

Gianfranco Ferre

The Style: A pretty pony fastened at the nape of the neck and featuring flyaway loose strands for a casual, romantic feel.

Wear With: Boyfriend jeans and a white shirt. Classic, pretty and fuss-free.


The Style: Hair parted at the centre and slicked to the scalp, with movement in the tail created using tongs. 

Wear With: Summer's clean, white minimalism. This neat style will complement graphic shapes and a strict palette perfectly.


The Style: A centre-parted ponytail tied low at the nape of the neck. 

Wear With: The youthful style was the perfect accompaniment to the folksy embroidered detailing.

Derek Lam

The Style: Textured, wavy hair fastened in a no-fuss low ponytail with an off-centre parting for the ultimate casual look. 

Wear With: Anything and everything. Easy, natural and wearable are the keywords here.

Alberta Ferretti

The Style: Romantic, flyaway hair tied in a loose braid.

Wear With: All of your holiday clothes. This is the perfect style for summer evenings.

More looks are available in here.

Are you a fan of a ponytail? Or you have any other easy to make hair style?
Have a great weekend.
Lots of Love