Friday, 27 March 2015

Karl on my feet:-)

Happy Friday Everyone,

Hope you're already enjoying your weekend:-) I have for you my casual outfit with my latest purchase. I love my new shoes. So comfy!

Make sure not to talk :-P

I was wearing MANGO top & jeans, MOSQUITO blouse and Karl Lagefeld.

Wish you a great weekend

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Ten Best New Street Style Trends according to Vogue

From New York to Paris, via London and Milan - the Vogue team have been on the fashion front-line during the international shows. They've provided us with so many tips and must haves, all the lovely photos and street style, that it's hard not to get new inspirations. I want to present you today the most desirable street-style trends that you hould adopt now:-)

From faded camel coats to dusky biscotti or dove grey sweater dresses

"Look at me boots", "Ladylike style" and "military makeover" are my favourites styles. What are you picks?



Friday, 20 March 2015

Having that SPRING feeling

How are you all? It's Friday, yuppii

We've had recently quite sunny weather. As I always say, weather like that makes me happier. I even started doing a bit in my garden and buying more flowers. Also I'm preparing myself (mentally hi hi ) for a big wardrobe clean out. I'm in serious need of a wardrobe update. But at the moment it doesn't make a sense as the second baby is on the way. So, do you have any suggestions what can I get that i could wear during and after pregnancy?

Any way, today I have for you quite a comfy outfit. We were going that day to IKEA to buy few bits and pieces to our home.

I was wearing MAGO suede jacket, old jeans jacket, ZARA top, BERSHKA skinny jeans, ASOS booties and PRADA sunglasses.

Have a great Friday

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Pieces of clothing that look good on EVERYONE Whether you are a size 2 or a size 20, petite or tall, these clothes are for you!!!

Hey All,

The Spring is approaching really fast, and..... IT'S TIME TO UPDATE OUR WARDROBES!!! Woooooohoooo! Now tell me which one of us doesn't like to shop. I mean there's always a good reason to refresh our wardrobe. I have for you few pieces that actually work for every body shape. I was surprised reading this article, but they are so right.

Have a look yourself and let me know what do you think.

1. Crop Tops 

That's right, crop tops. They are flattering on absolutely everyone and you don't have to show even a hint of your stomach to pull them off. Crop tops draw attention to your waist without actually cinching you in and make your legs look super long, while tops that end around your hips often hide your waist and make your legs look shorter.

Pink Crop Top, ASOS CURVE; Pink Crop Top, NASTY GAL

2. Collarless Blazers

The smooth lines allow the front of the jacket to flow over your chest without any awkward bulging.

Black Blazer, ELOQUII; Black Blazer, FOREVER 21

3. Bodycon Dresses 

Even if you don't like the idea of wearing something bodycon, that doesn't mean it won't look good on you. The  trick is sticking to thicker fabrics that help shape your body, instead of just clinging to it. 

Gold Dress, ELOQUII; Gold Dress, TFNC

4. Jogger Pants 

The way they skim over the body and taper at the ankles makes joggers super flattering no matter what size you are. Wear them a little low on your hips, and pair them with something loose and easy on top to help balance out the general looseness of the pants themselves.

Marled Gray Knit Joggers, FOREVER 21; Heather Gray Joggers, SUNDAY BEST 

5. Skater Dresses 

The way these dresses fly out from the waist creates a flattering and feminine shape whether you're curvy or not.

6. Pencil Skirts 

To create the most flattering silhouette possible, consider having your pencil skirt tailored so it hugs your body above your hips and just skims your legs the rest of the way down as it tapers in.

Embellished Pencil Skirt, ASOS CURVE; Polak Dot Skirt, TORN BY RONY KOBO

7. Shift Dresses 

Shift dresses have a somewhat mixed reputation, but the truth is they work on absolutely everyone. The key is making sure they are big enough to skim over the largest part of your body — be it your chest, hips, or butt — without a lot of excess fabric ruining the smooth, clean lines of the overall silhouette. When shopping for a shift dress, make sure it fits your largest part and then take it to a tailor to have it taken in where necessary. Even if they end up having to take in a lot of fabric, it's a very simple procedure and shouldn't cost much. 

White Sequin Dress, ASOS CURVE, White Mesh Dress, RIBBON 

You can find more in here. When I read that article first I was like... what??? You can't be serious, but looking at the girls, cosmopolitan is actually right. I'm UK size 10, so even though I'm not big, I find it hard to find clothes that either fit right or are long enough. Plus size girls should take cosmopolitan's advice and rock some pieces, like pencil skirt. 
Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did 

Ewelina xoxoxoxo


Friday, 13 March 2015

Is it Spring yet????

Hi All,

First of all Happy Friday. Hope you are enjoying the beginning of your weekend:-) 
I've always said that we should work for 4 days and rest for 3.... eh that would be fantastic. 

It's still chilly in here, but the sun makes such a big difference. I'm much happier with weather like that. Any way I have for you my casual work outfit. 

I was wearing MANGO coat, MOSQUITO dress, Prada sunglasses, DKNY watch and Kurt Geiger booties.

Have a great everyone

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Am I a "little" MAC addict?????

Hi All,

I always say that I'm a big fan of MAC cosmetics. Some say that you pay for the brand, it's in fashion to have MAC cosmetics.... All I say to this is: BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!

I use them, cos they actually do their job. Well they are fine for my skin. Any way I'm not going to advertise them, but I want to share what I got recently:-) I'm always a happy bunny when I walk in to MAC shops.

I got two new shades. The one on the left (it's called CORK) I use for my brows and the one on the right is my eye shadow (it's called WEDGE). I only use one for my daily make up (plus I also add brown eye liner).

This is handy to have. This palette will keep your shades safe and clean:-) or should i say- in one piece.

CONCEALER- as a mother I cannot live without concealer. I have really bad dark circles under eyes.

This is something I cannot live without! I love it! I'm using my Fix + spray to finish off my make up. It leaves my skin hydrated and make up looks more natural. This is a MUST HAVE for me.

This is the latest discovery:-) I have a feeling I will use it for ages. This Mascara actually does what it says. Finally I have black and long lashes! Woooohoooo to that.

Anybody else is as addicted to MAC as I am? I think I have to show ya what I carry in my make up bag. It's a bit heavy.... hi hi


Monday, 9 March 2015

Hiya All,

Apologizes for disappearing, but I was sick. So the last week I've spent in my own bed:-(

Today is the first day in the office, so I don't even know where to start. Any way I don't wanna complain, just wanna say Hi to all of you. And apologize for not being active on my blog.

Happy Monday Everyone